St Augustine’s Church, Grove Park 336 Baring Road, SE12 0DX  Vicar: Rev. Gavin Berriman

Dear All


Thanks to everyone who has dropped in Harvest gifts and donations over the last couple of weeks which have been gratefully received by our local Food Bank.  Please do continue to bring tinned, dried, or packet food whenever you can and leave it at the back of the church.  In these difficult times more and more people are relying on donations from the Food Bank to make ends meet, so it is an important ministry.

Could I again remind those who have not returned to church as yet just to email me and let me know if you are planning to return on any particular Sunday.  It will just give us a little advanced warning if numbers are going to rise so we can make sure we can accommodate everybody safely.  It is lovely to see folk returning to our worship but, as I have said before, it is important that we follow all the procedures to keep each other safe by sanitising our hands on arrival, wearing a face mask, and giving each other plenty of space.  It is for this reason we ask you to go straight to your seats and to not mill around in church talking.  If we want to catch up with each other we can do so in the car park afterwards.  Your co-operation with this is greatly appreciated.  For those who are unsure about coming on a Sunday, there is also the Wednesday Eucharist, at 10am, which has far less numbers.

This week, and the Sunday following, there will be a reading and reflection on the website and YouTube.  The next Eucharist service that will be on social media will be for All Saints and All Souls on Sunday 1st November.  For our Eucharist in church on that day we will be reading out the names of departed loved ones as we pray for them.  I cannot leave a list out at the back of church as in other years so could you please send me any names you would like included via email.  If you do not have email please write them down and hand them to me.  The names will not be included in the on-line Eucharist, only at the church service.

Last week was Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s 89th birthday, and Christopher sent him best wishes on our behalf. He and Leah responded by sending their love and best wishes to all at St Augustine’s. His birthday coincided with the 10th Annual Peace Lecture which you can see on the following link:

Sadly, the Covid19 Pandemic continues to rise in many parts of our world, including large parts of our own country.  It will affect all of us in different ways.  We continue to pray for those who most affected by it.  Please do let me know if you are unwell or have concerns.  You all continue to be in my love and prayers.    

Don’t forget the clocks go back on Sunday week, 25th October, don’t come to church too early on that day!


Best wishes


Father Gavin’ Pastoral Letter - Saturday 17 October

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