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St Augustine’s Church, Grove Park

336 Baring Road, London SE12 0DX

Rev Gavin Berriman, Vicar

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15 October 2022

Dear All,

The year is flying past and we suddenly have a busy run of things coming up. The first of these will be on Sunday 30th when we shall welcome Rev. Naomi Tutu as our guest preacher as we keep the feast of All Saints. It will be lovely to welcome her back to St Augustine’s, were she worshipped as a child when the Tutu family lived in Chinbrook Road.

The following Sunday, 6th November, we will keep the feast of All Souls when we remember and pray for departed loved ones. There is a list at the back of the church if you would like to add names to the intercessions on that day, or you could just email names through to me.

Remembrance Sunday will follow this on Sunday 13th November.

Some future dates to get in the diary are our Christmas Market, which will be on Saturday 26th November, and the Quiet day at Aylesford Priory the following week on Saturday 3rd December. More details of the Quiet Day will follow shortly, along with a list to sign up if you wish to go.

The season of Advent begins on Sunday 27th November.

From this coming Sunday we are making a few changes to our worship to begin to begin our return to normality. We are re-introducing the sharing of the Peace during the service. Covid is still very much around and some people will be more reticent than others to return to normal. I ask you to be extremely sensitive when sharing the Peace and to be aware of those who may not want to shake hands. We will share the Peace just with those around us, please do not leave your seats and wander around the church. It will be nice to have this part of our worship back with us.

Along with sharing the Peace we will also be reintroducing a full serving team along with a Gospel procession. Some of our children will begin serving for the first time. I have really missed the children’s involvement in our worship and it will be nice to begin to get that back.

Thank you for a very generous response to our Harvest Festival appeal. We were able to donate a good amount of food to the Foodbank, along with a substantial amount of money which was very gratefully received. Please do keep bringing items in each week to support this project. As winter approaches and the cost of living takes its toll, the ministry of Foodbanks will be needed more than ever. All gifts are most welcome.

                                                            My love and prayers to you all


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