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Dear Friends,


With the publication of this magazine we move into the autumn months and the festivals that come with it: Harvest, All Saints, All Souls, and the slow build up to Advent when the church year begins again.


Harvest Festival is the first of these feasts. It seems to me to have particular significance this year in light of recent events around our world where people have lost homes, families, security and resources through hurricanes, earthquakes, and flooding; along with ongoing poverty caused by war and greed. Those of us who are fortunate to have homes, provisions and security more than ever need to express our gratitude and take seriously our responsibility to those who do not have the things we so easily take for granted. Our Harvest Thanksgiving and offerings need to be a beginning of a change of attitude in the west and a deep commitment to be more generous in our response to those in need, and to think seriously about our own life styles.


Also this month we will have our Stewardship campaign to remind us of our responsibility to maintain and help build our church here in Grove Park; both its building worship and ongoing ministry. Without our giving the church cannot survive or thrive. The only financial resources that it has comes from those of us who worship and serve here and it is important that we continually look at our giving to the church and ask if it is realistic and generous. There are many of us who cannot afford to be more generous with our weekly giving, but many of us probably could and if there is to a church here for future generations we have to take our responsibility seriously. I am very grateful for the generosity of those who give regularly each week or month and are committed to our planned giving scheme. Hopefully by the end of this month more of us will have a greater understanding of it and be willing to be a part of it.


May God be with us and bless us in all our worship and ventures and guide us in our service to the people of Grove Park.


Best Wishes


Best Wishes       



There must be a time in the day

when the man who makes plans forgets his plans,

and acts as if he had no plans at all.

There must be a time in the day

when the man who has to speak falls very silent,

and his mind forms no more propositions.

There must be a time in the day

when a man of prayer goes to pray,

as if it were the first time in his life he has ever prayed.


So wrote one of our greatest spiritual writers, Thomas Merton. The above is one of my favourite passages from his many books. The older I get the more I feel the need for silence and stillness in my life. Silence and stillness are vital to life and if we continue to ignore them they tend to force themselves upon us in one way or another. When we are younger we can just about get away with ignoring their call in our lives, but as we get older the call becomes more insistent and if we continue to ignore them life becomes something of a jumble.

Without silence, words become just mere noise. Without stillness our actions lose their meaning and vitality. For me the most essential form of prayer is learning to be still and silent before God, and making a commitment to doing it on a regular basis. Being still and silent before God gives us a firm foundation from which the rest of our life can flow and find meaning. It does not matter if the time we spend being still and silent before God feels chaotic and unfruitful. It doesn’t matter if, when trying to be silent and still, our mind charges around like a bull in a china shop and it all feels like a waste of time. What does matter is making a commitment to be still and silent for a short period each day, eventually our mind and body will catch up with that commitment and it will begin to feel more natural. If we do make a commitment to a short period of stillness and silence, and stick to it, we will soon discover its benefits in our daily life.

Throughout this year there has been an opportunity in church on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9am in church for a short period of silent prayer before God.  Some have taken advantage of this and found it beneficial, and I have been asked by others if it would be possible to do something similar in the evening for those who cannot make it in a morning. So, beginning in November the church will be open on a Wednesday evening between 7.30 and 8pm for silent prayer. As in a morning, you can come along for any part of that time that you like and just spend a few minutes in stillness and silence. Once a month or so there will be an extra half hour at 8pm to talk about silent prayer, to learn about meditation, and to ask any questions you would like to ask. I encourage you to take advantage of this time and to explore the power of silence and stillness in your lives, and the effect it can have on our daily living.


From the Parish Magazine

Father Gavin’s Monthly Message

A Prayer for my Family

Heavenly Father,

I thank you for my wife/husband/partner and and my children.

I thank you for the focus, purpose and meaning they bring to my life.

I thank you for their laughter, light and life that they bring to me and others.

Protect them from any harm, make them strong in the storms of life and a guide to others.

May they always know your loving arms around them, your love within them and your wisdom ahead of them.

Show me how to care for them, how to provide for them and place them at the heart of all I do.


An Office of Compline

that can be said alone at home

May the Lord grant to us a quiet night and a perfect end. Amen

Thou 0 Lord art in the midst of us and we are called by thy name. Leave us not, 0 Lord, Our God.

Have mercy upon us, 0 God: And hearken unto our prayer.

0 God, you are my God, for you I long. My soul thirsts for you, like a dry weary land without water.

Your steadfast love is better than life; I will bless you as long as I live.

I will lift up my hands and call upon your name; My mouth shall praise you with joyful lips,

I think of you as I lay upon my bed; I meditate upon you in the watches of the night

For you have been my help. In the shadow of your wings I sing for joy,

My soul clings to you, And your right hand upholds me.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. World without end. Amen.

Have Mercy on us, O God; And Hearken unto our prayer.

Before the ending of the day: creator of the world, we pray That thou with wonted love wouldst keep thy watch around us while we sleep.

0 let no evil dreams be near; nor phantoms of the night appear. Our ghostly enemy restrain; lest ought of sin our bodies stain.

Almighty Father, hear our cry; through Jesus Christ our Lord most high. Who with the Holy Ghost and thee; doth live and reign eternally. Amen.

Into thy hands, 0 Lord, I commend my spirit

For thou hast redeemed me, 0 Lord, thou God of truth: Keep me, 0 Lord, as the apple of an eye: Hide me under the shadow of thy wings.

Save us, 0 Lord, waking; guard us sleeping, that awake we may watch with Christ; and asleep we may rest in peace.

You may wish to end with some of the following prayers

Our Father, Who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trepass against us.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory.

For ever and ever. Amen

Be present, 0 merciful God, and protect us through the silent hours of this night,

So that we who are fatigued by the changes and chances of this fleeting world may repose upon thy eternal changelessness;      

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.    

Visit we beseech thee, 0 Lord, this home, and the homes of all our loved ones;

Drive far from them all the snares of the enemy. May thy holy angels dwell within them to preserve us in peace.

And may thy blessing be upon us ever more. Amen.

All whom I love, I place in your keeping. All whom I pray for, I place in your keeping. Be with us by day, be with us by night,

And as this day closes my eyelids with sleep grant that we may rise to the gift of a new day. Amen.


May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.